About Us


From a burning desire to create the ultimate in on water performance "Sasquatch Jigs" was born. All the lures marketed by this company are inspired by champion anglers who seek the highest performance with every cast. These high standards are poured into the creation of every Sasquatch product launch.







Sasquatch Jigs... This jig concept was brought to us by multi year champion Remington Barkley. Remington was creating jigs using authentic synthetic Sasquatch hair combined silicone skirting. He was and still is unstoppable with these jigs. Remington has worked with us to advance the Sasquatch Jig concept, including incorporating some design assistance from Costa Series Pro and Clear Lake Champion, Todd Woods, aka "Big Daddy"


With countless time into jig head and hook design combined with the Sasquatch skirting, Snag Everything is so confident in the Sasquatch Jig line we can offer a 100% Hook Up Ratio Guarantee. Meaning if you get bit, the fish are coming in the boat 100% of the time or you can return them and we will refund the price of the jigs. (See Hook Up Guarantee for details).


Sasquatch Jig's leadership has over 100 years of on water and tackle industry performance. We look forward to sharing high standard pro level fishing product launches creating lasting big fish memories for every angler.


Dan Mundy

CEO / Co-Founder

Sasquatch Jigs